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Someday, someone is going to look at you like you’re the best thing in the world.

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When you find someone who makes you feel flawless and reminds you of how beautiful you are, you start wearing less makeup.
something I’ve recently discovered

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if u don’t get a reply i’m either 

  • eating
  • sleeping
  • blogging
  • masturbating
  • watching tv series 
  • or i just hate you 

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what if your webcam was on right now and was broadcasting in Times Square

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I’d rather be in your bed.
six word story

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Do not try to be pretty. You weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just “pretty.”
Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me | d.a.s

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